Welcome to BGCCV

Hello everybody, thank you for visiting and welcome to BGCCV!

I’m Berty Goosington and this is my blog about everything and anything automotive. As you can probably gather, my views are a little out there and could potentially be described as crazy – but everyone is entitled to their opinion so I’ll let you be the judge of that. If nothing else, I believe my blog posts will be an interesting read and might even open your mind to possibilities you hadn’t yet considered.

I’ve been mad about cars since I was two years old – and that was way back in 1985! I used to collect dinky cars religiously and have always had a passion for the way automobiles work. By the time I was 12 I was already taking motorbikes apart and putting them back together in my dad’s garage. He’d go out and by the parts I needed, whether they be headlights, tyres, exhausts or even the engine. I’d then dismantle one of his old motorbikes (he didn’t ride any more so I was free to go to town on them) and spend hours trying to figure out how to put them back together.hiii

I got my first car the day I turned 17 – she was a blue Ford Escort and became my pride and joy. Every penny I could earn would go on new parts. I’m only human though and did make a few mistakes, which resulted in some hefty servicing costs let me tell you!

I currently have three cars – a Ford Focus, a used BMW 3 Series….and of course my blue Ford Escort!

My favourite car is the Chevrolet Camaro, which I’m currently saving up for. The moment I have enough I’ll be buying a brand new one!

Anyway, that’s enough about me, so time to get started on a few blog posts!