5 Ways For Cars Of The Future To Improve

OK, so automobiles have come a heck of a long way since their inception back in the late 19th century – that’s a given. When you think that our great, great granddads had nothing but horses to pull their carriages, we really have made some incredible advancements. If that was still the case now it would take me three hours just to get down to Craven Cottage to watch my beloved Fulham FC – and I live in the centre of London! These days I can complete that journey in a cool 22 minutes (I timed myself) if I put my foot down in the 3 Series and traffic is optimum.


Anyway, like I was saying, sure technology has improved at an alarming rate, but has it really changed that much over the past say 30 years (my lifetime)?

In my opinion it has not, but for fancy cabin equipment such as Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation. Who even needs those features? Get a map for Pete’s sake! For the real car enthusiasts out there like me, you’ll know that driving itself is virtually the same as it was back in 1983. In fact, if anything it’s worse – there’s too much traffic on the roads and too many sets of lights to stop at. So here it is, 5 ways in which I believe (and hope) that future generations of cars can be improved.nosatnav

Make them faster

I know I’m not alone when I say that cars these days are too slow. I propose that by 2040 all vehicle should be equipped with engines which are a minimum of 7.5 litres in size. The government should implement a system like the autobahn, so speed junkies like me can hit 300mph. If you do wish to go that fast, I’d look to buy your life insurance sooner rather than later.

Make them bigger

Everybody is trying to create cars where there’s barely enough room to breathe. No, I don’t want a Kia Picanto – if I wanted to feel claustrophobic I’d sit in a cupboard. In fact there’s probably more space in my cupboard. And it travels at about the same speed as a Picanto. If you have a Kia I’m sorry if I’ve offended….. No I’m not! Get of my site and go to BuyYourKia or something, you ain’t welcome here!

Make them more durable

Granted, not everybody wants an off-road 4×4, but cars of the present time buckle under the smallest amount of pressure. A 2mph impact leaves your insurance paying out thousands of pounds. Cars should have big durable bumpers. It would save money on servicing and MOT costs too.

Make them comfier

I can’t stand normal car seats, I have to have leather and I cannot understand anybody who doesn’t have this exact same view. I am tired of having to replace the seats in every vehicle I buy with ones with which my delicate posture is compatible with. Leather is better. Fact. So make it standard.

Give them wings?
Fair enough, this one’s a little crazy – even for me! But wouldn’t it be just fabulous if one day in the not too distant future, we could zip into the air like the proverbial eagle from its nest, as and when we wanted to? If the powers that be are reading this blog, please, think of a way that we can make this happen!

Over and out.